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Disco. New Wave. Techno.

Retro can mean different things to different people, and depends on where and when they grew up. Here at Pure Retro Radio, we’ve taken a long look back at how terrestrial radio stations operated in the 70s and 80s and are here to correct a few wrongs. Genre integration. We’ll call it that. Our playlists take into consideration the various genres and sub-genres of music that did (or didn’t) make it onto the mainstream airwaves, as well as a continent’s worth of new songs that radio programmers refused to play. The goal is to give a grounded, wide-reaching variety of music to our listeners. So when you listen to Pure Retro Radio you’ll hear all the hits you love, and more.

In addition to righting those racial and xenophobic wrongs, we’ve worked hard to create interesting, dynamic original programming, and shows that go the extra mile to highlight a beloved genre (R&B, Alternative, Lounge, Schlager, Top-40). It’s all right here, available at the click of a few buttons.

We bring passion, affection, and a strong desire to make your listening experience a positive and memorable one.

For details about how to stream the station, check out our Streaming page for details or click the ‘play’ button on the embedded player (above) and stream what’s playing right now.

Classic R&B
image of African American man looking up at R&B Classics logo
Get your grooves here
Something Different
Image of a men on a crosswalk with large shadow and text information about Alternatives show
Explore your darker side with our marathon Alternatives show, twice weekly
black and white split background with broadcast information about radio show Overnight Schlager
It’s a hit…in Europe! With special live broadcasts from Gran Canaria!
The Sounds of Lounge
black background with "The Sounds of Lounge" in text
Jared Mitchell returns with an epic new series exploring the roots of this beloved genre
The 12 Inch Show
simple grey background with black and white text reading The 12 Inch Show with information about the series in blue
Starting in January 2023: a classic show returns to the station in a revamped format: the history of the 12 inch single, year-by-year. This un-narrated show is all about the music.
Gene Tearney’s Embarrassing 80s comes in January